AngryKite ransomware

Once infiltrated, AngryKite encrypts various data and renames compromised files using the “[random_characters].NumberDot” pattern. For example, “sample.jpg” might be renamed to “G4ag0-3tga.NumberDont”. Following successful encryption, AngryKite opens a pop-up window containing a fake error message.

The message states that a malware infection has been detected and that files are encrypted. To remove the malware, victims are encouraged to call a toll-free phone number (“1-855-545-6800″) provided. Victims are then supposedly guided through the malware removal process. In fact, this is a scam.

Text presented within AngryKite pop-up:

WARNING: SYSTEM MAY HAVE FOUND anonymous encryption on your computer. You would not be able to access the files on your computer. Your System May have Found (2) Malicious Viruses Rootkit.Encrypt & Trojan.Spyware Your Personal & Financial information MAY NOT BE SAFE Your system has encryption ransomware which may permanently encrypt your data Please call immediately to avoid further damage Toll free 1-855-545-6800.

Right now no methods are available to get rid of this malware other than restoring yur files from backup. It is recommended to keep an updated copy of Max Total Security which takes daily back up of files on your PC.

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