Beware of iGotYou Ransomware

The IGotYou Ransomware is being delivered through spam email messages. As part of a spam email campaign, computer users will receive emails that seem to come from legitimate sources such as FedEx, DHL, Amazon or Paypal. The message prompts them to open a file attachment, typically a Microsoft Word document. When the victim opens the file, a corrupted script downloads and installs the IGotYou Ransomware onto the victim’s computer. The IGotYou Ransomware functions like most encryption ransomware Trojans, using a strong encryption method to make the victim’s files inaccessible. This allows the IGotYou Ransomware to take the victim’s files hostage since they can only be recovered with a decryption key that the cybercrooks hold in their possession. The IGotYou Ransomware will deliver a ransom note threatening the victim with the permanent deletion of the affected files unless the victim pays a large monetary ransom.

After the IGotYou Ransom ware encrypts the victim’s files, it delivers a ransom note to the victim’s machine. Computer users will find a program window titled ‘Files Encrypted’ that appears on their computers after Windows starts up. This program window asks the victim to pay 10,000 INR using Paytm, a regional online payment method similar to PayPal or Venmo. It is not a recommended decision pay the IGotYou Ransom ware ransom. It is very unlikely that the people responsible for the attack will restore the victim’s files, and computer users that pay the ransom may be targeted for further attacks because they have shown a willingness to pay. Furthermore, paying the IGotYou Ransom ware ransom allows the cyber crooks to continue financing these attacks, developing new encryption ransom ware Trojans and carrying out new tactics. Instead of paying the ransom, computer users should restore their files from a backup copy.

Max Total Security provides secure back up on your hard disk which can not be encrypted by Ransomware and can be used to recover your files. In addition to that Max Total Security provides protection from such Crypto Ransom ware.

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