Hacking Boeing 757

A US government official revealed that he and his team of IT experts remotely hacked into a Boeing 757 as it sat on the runway and were able to take control of its flight functions. Robert Hickey, a US Homeland Security cyber sleuth, managed to take over the passenger plane at Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey.


He was successful in accomplishing a remote, non-cooperative, penetration. Which means he didn’t have anybody touching the aeroplane, He was not an insider threat. He stood off using typical stuff that could get through security and theye were able to establish a presence on the systems of the aircraft. Mr Hickey said his team used combination of radio frequency communication to hack into the craft, but that details of the breach remain classified.

There have been numerous car hacking attempts. Nothing is 100% safe in this world of internet (including iOT) but keeping your devices and Laptops as secure as possible, free from malware, spam and phishing with firewall and good detection using a good Total Security solution is the closest you can get to being secure.

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