HappyDayzz ransomware

Happydayzz is a ransomware-type which will effectively put an end to your happy days online. Once infiltrated, Happydayzz encrypts various files stored on the system. During this process, it renames encrypted files using the “[blackjockercrypter@gmail.com].[22_random_characters].happydayzz” pattern. For example, “sample.jpg” might be renamed to “[blackjokercrypter@gmail.com].GlM8-AiM04-Lq6mHG1i0L0.happydayzz”. Following successful encryption, Happydayzz creates an HTA file (“How To Recover Encrypted Files.hta”), placing it in each folder containing encrypted files.

The HTA file contains a message informing users of the encryption. To restore these files, victims are encouraged to pay a ransom. To submit payment, you are instructed to contact the creators of HappyDayzz either via Skype address of nsyaneksab.aked or blackjockercrypter@gmail.com. During this conversation, hackers will reveal the exact amount of bitcoins that they are requesting as the fee for decryption.

HappyDayzz virus is deployed and executed on the victim’s computers with the help of malicious spam email attachments. The hackers typically work under the names of popular banks, government institutions, companies or social media networks just to get more people get involved in their scam. Please keep in mind that though hackers use Happydayz@india.com and blackjockercrypter@gmail.com email addresses to contact their victims, they won’t use the same addresses when spreading spam mail around. So, you must be very careful and vigilant when navigating through your email and downloading attachments.

The only way to get rid of this ransomware is to restore your PC to a previously known configuration or format it.
Data loss can be prevented if you were using Max Total Security which takes file backups everyday.Make sure to copy the back up fies on an external device before you format your pc. You can also access 24×7 free technical support that comes by being a user of Max Total Security to help you in such situations.

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