Kerkoporta Ransomware

The Kerkoporta Ransomware campaign relies on spam emails to deliver the threat payload. The Kerkoporta Ransomware is a dysfunctional file locker, which originates from Greece and is not capable of encrypting any files on the victim’s computer currently. However, according to code, the threat will modify the files by appending the ‘.encryptedsadly’ extension to their names. Although this might make some files a tad more difficult to access, it is an issue that can be resolved quickly by getting rid of the ‘.encryptedsadly’ extension and restoring the file’s original name.

After the Kerkoporta Ransomware renames all suitable files, it will spawn a ransom note, which urges the victim to pay a ransom sum of $100 by using either a Paysafecard or an Amazon Gift Card. The message of the attackers is seen in a new program window, and it is written in Greek, but also can be translated into English. Below the ransom message, the users will find a field to enter the code from the Amazon Card or Paysafecard, and that will unlock their computers supposedly.

Kerkoporta Ransomware uses numerous ways to extort money from innocent user and even scare user by saying, non payment of money may leads to severe data loss or even corrupt your system too. You will notice complete changes in entire system’s appearance and will even modify or delete valuable info and data. Beside that, it will mix up its code in the boot sector aiming to get added every time when ever PC get rebooted. Apart from encrypting data files it also cases several other issues in your computer. It makes your system very slow and also causes security issues by opening a backdoor for other viruses.

You may want to know that the Kerkoporta Ransomware is not a simple screen locker as it includes remote access capabilities, which means that a threat actor can access data, run and terminate programs on compromised machines. Computer users who might encounter the Kerkoporta Screen Locker are advised to sever access to the Internet and use an up-to-date anti-malware suite such as Max Total Security that can eliminate the Kerkoporta Ransomware.

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