Random6 Ransomware

Random6 Ransomware virus can alter your system security through Spam Emails, Browser Redirects, Bundled Installers and Malware Downloader. Random6 Ransomware virus will first lock down all your files with . Then after, it will leave a ransom note on your computer in TEXT or HTML format to describe about the decryption method. It will also replace the desktop background with a ransom image. It can also disable your anti-virus to make you helpless. It can block your Firewall security and make your system an easy target for other threats. It will force you to pay ransom money to rescue your files.

the Random6 Ransomware is programmed to alter not only the file’s structure but its name as well. The encoded files are recognized easily by the base64 encoded string and six random characters as a file extension. The cyber parasite is reported to target images, text, eBooks, PDFs, databases, and work-related files, which may be of great importance to the user. The Random6 Ransomware may run as [random 9-chars].exe in the Task Manager and change the desktop background of the compromised system. Due to the fact that users find unique extensions appended to the encoded files, the format of the ransom notification is a bit different as well. The Trojan is programmed to delete its traces after the encoding process is completed and it leaves the ransom request on the user’s desktop as ‘RESTORE-.[random 6-char ext]-FILES.txt.’ The file offers the following text:

‘Your files are Encrypted!
For decryption send letter on email filesrestore@tutanota.com in letter attach your Personal ID.
If email don’t works, register here: http://bitmsg.me, send letter to BM-NBazWh9xNVf2SgmvLv8pc3Uc9CCXtXMu
With your Personal ID and email for contacts.
After you send payment to given BTC adress in answer, you will get your files restored.
Your Personal ID:

To prevent ransomware-type infections, be very cautious when browsing the Internet. Never open files received from suspicious emails, download software from unofficial sources, or use third party tools to update installed software. In addition, use a legitimate anti-virus/anti-spyware suite.

At this time the only option is to restore your files from the back up . Use Max Total Security to protect your PC and easily back and Restore your files. Get 24×7 complimentary support if you have any issues due to malware.

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