$ucyLocker Ransomware

The $ucyLocker Ransomware is a file encoder Trojan that is designed to corrupt data on compromised devices and offers users a chance to recover their data. The authors of the $ucyLocker Ransomware used “VapeHacksLoader.exe” and “Loader-Private” to install the ransomware within the PC. After infecting the computer, this ransomware encrypts files stored in the system and adds .WINDOWS file extension to each of them. Then it outputs some text into a ransom note READ_IT.txt which the virus saves on the desktop. This virus aims to extort the victim as it asks 0.16 BTC in exchange for a decryption key.


Following message is shown by this ransomware:

Window 1:
‘Your computer is locked. Please do not close this window as that will result in serious computer damage
Click next for more information and payment on how to get your files back.

Window 2:
‘Your Files are locked. They are locked because you downloaded something with this file in it. This is ransomware. It locks your files until you pay for them. Before you ask, Yes we will give you your files back once you pay and our server confirms that you pay.

Window 3:
‘I paid, Now give me back my files
Send 0.16 to the address below

Do not pay this Ransomware any money as there is no guarantee that it will recover your files. Go to control panel, review and uninstall any unwanted programs that you see. Go to Task manager and delete any processes or services that are not familiar to you and from Max Total Security >Options menu remove any BHOS and Startup entries that you see. From browsers remove any add ins.

Restore all of your files from Max Total Security Restore option.

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