Zorro Ransomware

Zorro virus is a new file-encrypting malware that uses symmetric cryptography. Once infiltrated, this malware encrypts files and appends the “.zorro” extension to the name of each compromised file. For example, “sample.jpg” is renamed to “sample.jpg.zorro”. Zorro then creates a text file [“Take_Seriously (Your saving grace).txt”], placing it on the desktop wallpaper.

The most likely reason to get infected with Zorro is email spam. The crooks behind the virus rely on sending out malicious emails. These letters are masked to look like they were sent from a legit company like Amazon, PayPal, BestBuy or a similar entity. The goal of Zorro is to take over your computer and lock its important files. The virus will target audio files, documents, project files, images, music, game saves, just about everything that has the potential to be valuable to the user. The files get locked by an encryption process.

Best bet to recover your files is to restore from backup and keep an updated version of Max Total Security
on your PC.

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